Securing the best programs, services, and education is our goal.

Children First CT provides educational consulting and advocacy services to parents and guardians of children with special educational needs. Outcomes are focused on securing a high quality education with supporting services, tailored to your child’s unique and individual needs. Children First will:

  • Work to identify and secure appropriate educational plans, services and goals
  • Increase parent understanding and navigation of the special education process
  • Insure the legal rights of parents and children are understood and are met
  • Work to bring families and school districts together to create a positive working relationship, focused on the needs and goals of your child

For Children

Education is the foundation upon which our children's lives are built. Education advocacy is the key to successfully securing this foundation for your special needs child.

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For Parents

Children First CT enables parents to work more effectively with school personnel to plan and obtain effective educational programs for their children with disabilities.

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About Cindie

For me, the journey into the world of Special Education began 14+ years ago. What started out as a few questions of concern to my son’s pediatrician, began a long and often confusing journey into the world of special education and numerous supporting services. I can’t count the number of times that I wondered if I had unknowingly been transported to a foreign country or planet. And that was on the good days.